"I have been attending Pilates classes with Joanne now for a few months due to a chronic, painful, back condition that was preventing me from going to work. After only 10 sessions I have already seen results and have returned to work again. I know I have a lot more strengthening to do but I am very relieved to know if I put in the effort there is a solution to my problem, I am a young father only 32 years old and want to provide for my family and play with my son. Joanne is a patient teacher who understands my problem and I recommend Joanne to others with a similar back issue."

Chenliang Fu. (Jack)

"Joanne Sutton is an incredible Pilates teacher! I have been attending her studio for almost 8 years and the results are amazing. Whether it is about recovering from injury or strengthening muscles, some of which I didn’t even know I had, her personalised program deals with it all. She has prepared me for treks in the Himalayas, improved my balance, got my glutes on track so my legs don’t do all the work, and built my core strength. Her classes are a maximum of 3, so she has plenty of time to guide us individually. Her knowledge of the body and its muscles and how they work means that she can make small adjustments to your movements so you target the right area. Pilates is a gentle but profound exercise which has enhanced my knowledge and awareness of my own body. I am as fit now as I was 30 years ago. My only wish is that I started Pilates with Joanne many many years ago. I think it is incredible and Joanne is the best teacher."

Allana Christie

"I have been attending Joanne’s small group Pilates classes since 2008 when I tried Pilates as a last resort due chronic lower back pain. Not only did she help me recover from my original condition but then tailored a safe and effective exercise program during my pregnancy which gave me peace of mind knowing I was strengthening my core and pelvic floor while protecting my back at the same time. She then helped me through the post natal recovery and prepared me for returning to a desk job. Her classes are very hands-on, personalised and designed with you in mind. You can really tell she cares about achieving the right outcome for your individual health and fitness needs. I highly recommend Joanne as a Pilates Practitioner and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of Pilates with her!"

Alee Hanna

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