there was a solution for your pain so you could go back to all your passions that make life worthwhile
Traveling with friends, playing with your grandkids or challenging walks, well into your retirement years.


Your life is on hold due to your pain and you are feeling despondent and very uncertain about your future.

You are missing out on many important occasions, events and activities in life because of your pain.

You have seen many different health practitioners for a solution but are still in pain.

You are relying on pain relief medication to get through the day and know deep down you can't keep living like this.

You are determined to find a solution for your pain. You are ready to commit to something that will equip you with the tools you need to not only become pain-free but give you the knowledge to manage any flare-ups in the future.

You are ready to take control of your own health and fitness, with a method of movement that can help you to become pain-free and actually help you to become stronger and fitter than ever before.

Just like you, I had lost control of my health and fitness, was dealing with joint pain, migraines and exhaustion. Every ounce of energy I had went into teaching dance, the rest of the time I was resting or asleep, but usually in a lot of pain. My life was on hold, no one could offer me a solution and I was despondent until a friend insisted I start Pilates. 


I gradually regained my strength little by little and my energy levels began to improve. Best of all, if I was having a bad day, my Pilates teacher tailored the program to my needs on that particular day.  When I regained my previous fitness level, I stuck with Pilates and became stronger and fitter than ever before. CFS is a condition I will always have to manage and Pilates not only gave me back my life but is ideal for managing the condition too. What if my friend hadn't told me about Pilates? I hate to think of that scenario. I want to be that friend to you. I want you to know that I have been where you are and there is a way out. There is a solution for the pain that has taken over your life. 

When I achieved these life-changing results through Pilates, I felt compelled to become a Pilates teacher to help people like you to become pain-free and take back control of their own lives too.

Since 2005, I've helped hundreds of people like you to become pain-free with my personalized approach to Pilates in my brick and mortar studio. 

In order to help even more people to experience life-changing results through Pilates I took my studio online in 2018.  JS Mind Body Pilates is a library of high-quality on-demand Pilates videos personally designed and created by me. Divided into 6 courses it caters to people in pain, just like you who want to become pain-free in the comfort of their own homes at a time that suits them. Specifically designed to help you recover from pain and injury there are videos for different types of pain such as back, knee,foot, neck and shoulder pain. If you have osteoporosis, a joint replacement or are preparing for or recovering from surgery my site caters to you too.
When you become pain-free and Pilates becomes a way of life for you, there are also specific courses to help you stay pain-free and continually increase your strength and fitness. You can work independently through my library of videos or alternatively you also have you option of additional Pilates on Skype sessions for an even more personalised Pilates experience.  Beginning with an in-depth 1 on 1 Initial Assessment and ongoing regular Skype sessions in conjunction with the video library. The goal is for you to become pain-free and be able to work through the videos independently.


Pilates now keeps me fit all over. I had been keeping a lower back problem under control for 20 years but was finding that as I was aging, the back exercises I was doing were beginning to give me neck and shoulder problems. Pilates was more gentle while still keeping my back strong and pain-free. I'm proud that I still have the agility and good posture that some of my age group are losing. Pilates has enabled me to overcome my sore neck and shoulders and still kept my back strong. Three things I like most about JS Mind Body Pilates online are that the videos cover all aspects of the body and I can refresh my memory of various exercises whenever I wish. The videos also indicate which exercises are suitable for particular conditions such as osteoporosis for example. There are loads of easy-to-follow videos by a top practitioner. Very effective exercises and good value. Joanne keeps in touch so that you don't let good habits slip. You can always ask Joanne's advice when you feel the need.


Pilates has opened my mind to the importance of moving and stretching particularly being in a desk job working long hours sitting in the same position. It has made me realise how important movement and stretching is for our bodies. The difference I feel after doing a Pilates session post a long day at work is amazing and I have a much better nights sleep. I'm proud that I have stuck with it for than 13 years. There have been periods in my life where I have stopped for periods of time due to other priorities but my body soon lets me know through joint pain and stiffness it was Pilates I needed to prioritise, and it was right. Pilates has given me the knowledge of how to maintain body movement and flexibility as I get older. I am in my early 50's now and Pilates has and will continue to enable my movement, strength and balance as I continue to age. I have learnt to manage pain with Pilates as opposed to reaching for pain relief medication. As recently as yesterday my knee felt stiff and was aching so I did 20 minutes of Pilates and was able to increase my movement and reduce my pain. Joanne caters to every individuals personal needs and will spend time to understand how you are feeling, aches and pains, stiffness & general wellbeing so that you get the best possible outcomes from Pilates. Joanne is professional and patient and cares about the outcomes for her clients. I love JS Mind Body Pilates online. When I moved away from Sydney I was worried about not being able to keep up my Pilates under Joanne's guidance so when the online Pilates studio became an option I jumped at the chance! The sessions keep me on track and Joanne is right there by my side (on Skype) so I am well supported. Joanne sometimes runs Pilates challenges for a set period like 20 minutes of Pilates each day for 10 days which are lots of fun and you get the chance to win a free Pilates session!

You move with ease while completing your daily activities.

You can go on the holiday of your dreams, camping under the stars, hiking through a forest or sailing on a yacht.

You are free to take up new sports and activities, there are no longer any limits.

You can care for your grandkids enjoying sleepovers, excursions or just kicking a ball around the park.

You finally live life on your terms, pain no longer dictates what you do.

If you are ready to take control of your own health and fitness then download your free copy of my detailed guide.


Learn more about what sort of people benefit from Pilates and how it can help you too. I separate the myths from the facts and share actual case studies of my clients who have achieved life-changing results from my unique Pilates program.  CTA

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If you are looking for highly specilaised guidance and support throughout your Pilates journey to pain-free living then 1 on 1 Pilates Skype sessions are for you. Beginning with an in-depth 1 hour Initial Assessment I look at what your goals are for your health and fitness, your past medical history, your movement patterns and teach you how to connect your abdominal muscles. I then design a program and plan, specifically for you, based on your goals and my findings to get you to where you want to go as quickly and efficiently as possible.


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✓ Trying new ways to become pain-free that end in disappointment


✓ Putting all your energy into searching for a solution


✓ Having friends refer you to health practitioners that worked for them, but not for you


✓ Spending time and money in vain to find a solution

Life is too short to be living with debilitating pain.

So many of my current clients look back to when they first started Pilates with me and the majority say they were putting up with pain that was directly limiting their enjoyment of life. Pain was in control of their lives. 

Many gave up sports they loved, some couldn't work and fell behind in their careers.  Others couldn't hold their young grandchildren without setting off their back pain.  Sadly, most of them also believed their pain was permanent. It was their lot in life and they would just have to learn to live it.  Fortunately, this is now all in the past for them as they are pain-free through Pilates and living life on their own terms. But what about you? You don't have to keep putting up with your pain either. The longer you wait to take action with Pilates,. the longer you will miss out on everything that makes life worthwhile.  Don't put it off any longer, life is too short to be in pain. Start you journey to pain-free living with Pilates today.

Joanne Sutton

APMA Level 4 Pilates Practitioner

Left feeling lethargic, weak and lost following a severe bout of glandular fever, a friend, who was a Pilates veteran of many years, suggested Pilates for my recuperation.  Not only did I regain my strength and improve my energy levels, but I became stronger, fitter and more flexible than ever before.  So impressed with the amazing results I achieved  I knew I had to become a Pilates teacher to help others transform their lives with Pilates too, just like I have. 

Since 2005, I've helped hundreds of people to experience life-changing results with Pilates and  I'm passionate about personally supporting you on your own Pilates journey to pain-free living.  My mission is to empower you to take control of your own health and fitness through Pilates, so you can enjoy a long, happy, active life well into your retirement years.

A quick fix for your pain or for someone else to do the work for you. 

Pilates is an active modality which means that you have to be committed to your training sessions if you want to see results and become pain-free.  The length of these sessions can be tailored to your individual needs, but when you are making changes to the way you stand, move and connect with your body,  consistency is key and there are no shortcuts. It usually takes about 10 sessions, so around 10 hours of Pilates before you start to see changes and some results. It can be earlier for some people and slightly longer for others, everyone is different.  If you are open to change and willing to learn, as I've seen firsthand with my clients, there are no limits to how far you can progress.